Step 4: Varnish, leave to dry and finish

Picture of Varnish, leave to dry and finish
Thread all your beads on plastic wire or string. I recommend a thickish plastic, fishing type thread as the beads will slide off easily once dry. Whatever you chose to use, ensure it does not allow for the varnish to seep in and bock the holes. Once fully strung, start varnishing, we use a brush and give them at least 2 coats of varnish. Leave to dry for 2-3 days, and your beads are ready to use!
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rhensyl1 year ago
can i use a wood varnish to my paper beads?
desip4 years ago
I wonder if something like modge podge would work as a varnish... it is waterproof....
Mod Podge works fine. I just used it on mine a few hours ago. I had some problems with the beads sticking together, but once it dries, you can easily pop them back apart as long as you don't apply it too thick.
What kind of Varnish do you use?
Hi :)
Just wanted to say a great tutorial and beautiful beads. But I do have a question.
To speed up my little production I have going (cause it's so much fun, I can't stop! :P), I thought stringing them like you do would help a lot cause I can varnish larger batches at once. But my question is, do yours ever get stuck together? I use a spray acrylic, so they don't get totally drenched, but it still seems like the ends would dry together where they touch?
 I agree, I think varnishing in bulk is more efficient. I'll bet they wouldn't stick together if you were to tie a knot in the string between each bead. I'm going to try that once I've made enough to varnish. 
janeSi4 years ago
well,thank you very much. It's awesome :)
veggieporn5 years ago
thankyou for a marvellous instructible! your beads are beautiful.. have just made my first beads with some thick shiny paper from some going to try it with some old wallpaper next :-)))
theHERO5 years ago
 GREAT GREAT GREAT instructable!!
This is really helpful and I am fasho doing it(:
ziggiau5 years ago
This instructable has led me in such a new and creative direction. I LOVE paper craft and needed something to go with my constructed origami projects. But once I started making beads, I just can't stop!!! I don't read magazines anymore, I look for how appropriate their colours are for bead making. I'm still perfecting my technique but I'm really loving the journey!
Chante5 years ago
Wow what a great way 2 recycle paper, I'm studying at the North-West University of South-Africa, and we really have a problem with paper waste... I'm also part of an academic student group and we will definitely be trying this as our new project on recycling! Thanks
TheFawns5 years ago
omg, those are really pretty, and to think they were just made with paper!!! im going to try this out :D but i wonder if you can make the hole a bit bigger for a thicker string to fit.....
Sshebba5 years ago
Wonderful idea! I have some very thick holiday wrapping paper that is hard to work with, yet I loathed to throw it out as it is beautifully colored, so I saved it for a future arts and crafts project. This will be the perfect project for that darn paper! I think I will give the regular wrapping paper and my sparkling mylar/plastic wrapping paper a whirl while I'm at it. "Has anyone used either of these types of paper in lieu of magazine pages?" and if so, "What we're your results?" My only fear is that the varnish may melt the mylar/plastic wrap due to the chemicals it contains. Thought's anyone?
ausetkmt5 years ago
I have some of your beads, which I received in a contest winning. they are stunning indeed. thanks for the tutotial, it is very nice.
AKDoug5 years ago
Be sure to not skip the varnish step. I've had issues with reactions to magazine ink when it got wet. Very Itchy.
lizardtraxs5 years ago
is there any kind of varnish you recommend?