Step 5: Make your own jewelry or buy now!

Picture of Make your own jewelry or buy now!
Use your beads to make some beautiful lightweight pieces of jewelry, or simply skip all this work and take a pick of loose beads and stunning beaded jewelry designs from online shop!!
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yellowninja5 years ago
Hmmm. my mom is selling these from Uganda women to people in the US to help get them out of poverty! Nice to know haw to do this.
There is a stand at Epcot in Walt Disney World Florida that sells them too. The ones at Epcot are actually made from old paper products from the parks and all of the money is sent to the women that make them, too.
gardens443 years ago
beautiful jewelry and woman in the photograph. my beads never turn out that well...but i think i need to paint them
ColleenG3 years ago
How did you get the beads soo round??? what size strips did you use? They're beautiful!
these beads are gorgeous, they look like glass because they are so shiny from the varnish!
Nice Cyborg5 years ago
Thanks for your great instructable. Clear and concise, great photos, easy to follow and the resulting beads are so very lovely.
jodij5 years ago
I teach a recycle art workshop for girls ages 8 and up, and am always looking for usable things we can do in 3 hrs. THANKS SO MUCH for making this tutorial so easy to understand, and thorough in its content. We love the work and purpose you have going...blessings.
Paper beads are usually nice and colourful but yours are really stunning! Gorgeous necklaces!!! Love your work, thanx for sharing ( especially the instructions on how to cut paper properly, always thought it was difficult to get triangular strips in the same isn't! ) THANK YOU!
yourez-g5 years ago
It looks amazing! And it's so easy! Thank you!