Picture of How to Make Paper Nerf Bullet Holders!!!!!
Okay, first of all let me tell you something. I am a totaly DIY kind of person. Comment me some links to your Instructables! I'll visit them and comment back.

Second of all, if you are a fan of Nerf, you'll love this. This case can be hidden as just a piece of paper on the ground. It's color can change so you can camoflauge it as part of a tree or something. I'm going to do it in white so you can see it. Real easy.

This can be used as a Nerf hat too!

Things Needed:
Hands =P
Nerf Bullets (or any foam bullets like Buzz-Bee or something.)
Gun (Again, any kind.)
Friends willing to fight!
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Step 1: Make the Folds

Turn the paper horozontally an fold the paper on the short sides. See picture for help.

Then fold the flat parts together. See picture for help.

Step 2: Tape

Picture of Tape
Tape as shown below.

Step 3: Visit Nox Informer!

Picture of Visit Nox Informer!

Visit Nox Informer click on the Turnout link to see the turnout of the Nerf war. It is the website to communicate with Game Nox.

knexbug1 year ago

go away no brains

popscott34 years ago
Very cool! But cant you just use a paper cup and put camoflauged paper over it and pin it to a tree?
GameNox (author)  popscott34 years ago
Yes, but not all people have cups to use and it makes an awsome Nerf hat! ;>
True true.
NatNoBrains4 years ago
So basically, it's a cup...