Step 5: Make a Case

Now you have a ugly cup with card board on it. Now make it look a little better by adding a case! Because this is supposed to be a paper speaker i made the case out of cardboard and paper.

First make a front plate out of card board.
Trace the diameter of the top of the cup on to a peice of cardboard and then cut it out.
<p>Although this did not work the way it was supposed to, I enjoyed making it!</p>
How to check if the wire is of 8 ohms? Plz help....
<p>good question</p>
<p>how to buy magnets</p>
<p>how to buy magnets</p>
how is it working without battery
<p>It worked for me, and working for all because the Jack or the input cable is powered by the device the speaker is plugged in.</p>
Hey i tried making this but it didnt work maybe because my magnet it not conductive as a speaker works by creating electromagnetic field so it needs conductive core<br>has anyone have idea about it
great instructable.i made one too but the sound is not very loud.but enough for a hand made one
Thanks :) btw mine wasnt all that loud either. But it was just an expiriment.
you are welcome
That coil looks less than 8 ohms, less than that can tear up your music playing device.
Oh thanks for the warning. I will post that the coil must be atleast 8 ohms. <br>I checked and my coil was just bareley 8 ohms I guess it still worked fine.
Yea 8 ohms is usually the lowest resistance of a speaker, although some VERY loud speakers go lower, they have special amps that can take it. <br>Just wanted to make sure nobody blamed you for tearing their stuff up. <br>By the way great instructable, the finished product looks Cool. <br>How loud is it?
Its fairly quiet. around the sound of loud cheap earbuds. But, I might add a small amplifier for it. This speaker itself was mostly just &quot;proof of concept &quot; speaker that I got the idea from looking at an old stereo I had. And Thanks for telling me the speaker had to be 8 ohms. It would have been bad it this really messed up someones equipment. I dont know all to much about speakers coil.
Really interesting, they should add this in junior high school coursework
Awesome, will try with my daughter soon
That's pretty awesome! When my neighbor told me he couldn't have hardcover books in prison because people would make speakers out of them, I thought he was pulling my leg. After seeing this, I guess it is possible.
Lol i guess the prison guards dont want to listen to their music :/
Cool. Quibble: That's an audio <i>plug.</i> The jack is what you plug it into.
This is just super. I used to have a speaker making company and would love to make this to show to school students how a speaker works. It would be fun to use this as the speaker in a folded horn speaker system. The folded horn could be made out of cardboard to be true to the paper idea.
The wiring you have setup now takes audio from one channel, while your music has two. Why not wire this up to a stereo jack, so you can regain the other half of your music? Simply wire what you have going to the audio on the jack to both the right and left. Though you didn't ask for it, I hope this helps you improve your speaker!
Any chance of hearing a recording of it in action?
Shure! I will post one today.
Actually I dont know how to post a video, but I posted a link to the video.
That's awesome. Can't wait to try it.

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