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 550 Paracord is arguably the most multi-function material ever. It's easy to find hundreds of Instructables on it's uses, but I set out to find something that hadn't been done yet. What didn't I find??? Paracord Foot Wear!! But why not? They'd be incredibly rugged and in one of those "survival situations" you have about 40 Feet of cord in one shoe. They don't look half bad either. Maybe there wasn't an Instructable, but there is now :-)

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
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This design is based off an existing sandal. Making a sole out of nothing but Paracord would have been a little much, so I recycled an old pair. 

Also, this Instructable contains two designs. In the second you replace the old shoes with an old pair of flip-flops.

-One pair of shoes (Preferable Sandals), new or old, with a sturdy sole. 
-100 feet of Paracord to be safe. As many colors as you like. (I picked black and white for contrast)
-The basics of any project, duct tape (Just in case) and a Swiss Army Knife (Scissors could stand in).
-A hot glue gun. 
-Matches and a candle, or a lighter. Either will do.
-Access to a sink if you intend to clean the shoe components. 

Riptorn344 years ago
This a great way to make a pair of cheap flipflops more comfortable. Very nice Instructable.
aNjaSqurl4 years ago
Great stuff! I'm new to Instrucables and have been drawn to 550 cord as I've browsed.

I'm also preparing a costume for which a pair of sandals with a home made look would be perfect. I haven't been able to find what I want in a store (at least for what I'm willing to pay) and I htink a set of these would be PERFECT!
very smart ! nice toes !
lyonpridej5 years ago
These are great! I'm so tired of straps breaking on sandals before the soles wear out,will have to try this! BTW, there is a glue called "shoe Goo" that is specifically to repair shoes,it would probably hold up better than hot glue.