Step 7: Removing and Relacing the Flip-Flop Straps

 The general design for all Flip-Flops is the same, so this part of the project is pretty straight forward. 
Start by removing the original uncomfortable plastic strap by pushing the large diameter rubber pieces out of the bottom and cutting them with the pocket knife. Some will be harder than others. Don't throw away the plastic, but measure it instead, and cut an appropriate amount of Paracord plus some, about two feet this time. Never cut too little. Fold it in half, and thread it threw one of the two holes in the back, following the picture as a guide. Bring both lengths forward, and make sure they are appropriately proportioned to the original plastic strap. When you come to the front, take a pinch out of the bottom rope, and force it through the toe hole. Tie a knot in the bottom and follow the pictures for a guide. make sure the cord that will be going between your toes is long enough. Keep it proportional. From there, lace it back through the other hole in the back. Again, proportion to the original strap is key.

This a great way to make a pair of cheap flipflops more comfortable. Very nice Instructable.
<p>No kiddin'! I made a pair of the second style, very comfortable! For us bigfoots (bigfeets?) be sure to use enough paracord. Twelve feet was not enough to finish my size 12s.</p>
Great stuff! I'm new to Instrucables and have been drawn to 550 cord as I've browsed. <br><br>I'm also preparing a costume for which a pair of sandals with a home made look would be perfect. I haven't been able to find what I want in a store (at least for what I'm willing to pay) and I htink a set of these would be PERFECT!
very smart ! nice toes !
These are great!&nbsp;I'm so tired of straps breaking on sandals before the soles wear out,will have to try this!&nbsp;BTW, there is a glue called &quot;shoe Goo&quot; that is specifically to repair shoes,it would probably&nbsp;hold up&nbsp;better than hot glue.

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