Many of you may fancy pink pearls. So today I would like to make a pair of pink pearl drop earrings that are full of femininity and elegance. Below is shown the steps about how to make pearl drop earrings.

Step 1: Necessities for Pink Pearl Drop Earrings:

0.5mm golden copper wire

12mm pink glass pearls

Golden earring hooks

Round nose plier

Wire cutter plier

Side cutting plier

Step 2: Make Single Pearl Dangle

1st, cut a 18cm length of copper wire and slide a pear onto it;

2nd, wrap the pearl with two wire ends;

3rd, wrap short end around the long end;

4th, make a messy wire wrapped loop with long end.

Step 3: Attach Ear Hook to Dangle

1st, prepare another piece;

2nd, attach earring hooks onto the pearl dangles.

Step 4: The Final Look of Pearl Drop Earrings Looks Like:

So far I have finished my pink pearl drop earrings. I guess you have mastered the ways to make such kind of earrings.

<p>Can you tell me please what gauge is 0.5mm, because all my wire is in gauge and not mm.</p>
<p>Can you tell me please what gauge is 0.5mm, because all my wire is in gauge and not mm.</p>
<p>Thank you, and hope you can share something beautiful with us!</p>
<p>Super cute! Love the simplicity of them :)</p>
<p>yes, me too</p>
<p>Looks great, Nice efforts. These cap's will make it look even better.</p>
<p>yeah, thanks for your advice</p>

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