Introduction: How to Make Pencil Case With Bottle | Zipper | Pencil Holder

I hope You will enjoy this and make this for your kids. Its easy to make at home with plastic bottle.

Step 1: Tools You Need to Make This Awesome Pencil Case or Pencil Holder

  1. Two Plastic Bottle
  2. One Zipper
  3. Knife
  4. Seassor
  5. Glue Gun

Step 2: Cut the One Bottle

Now cut one plastic bottle top side as like picture & divided it.

Step 3: Cut Another Bottle

Now cut another plastic bottle bottom site and divided it using knife. See the picture

Step 4: Now Take 2 Bottom Part of Bottle

Now take 2 bottom part of plastic bottle as like the picture.

Step 5: Take a Zipper and Add Some Glue

Now take a zipper and add some glue one side of the zipper. see the picture.

Step 6: Attached Zipper Into One Bottle Bottom Part

Now attached zipper with one bottle bottom part as like picture. & you need to add it those bottom part which is bigger then another one. See the picture.

Step 7: Add Some Glue With Zipper Another Side

Now Add some glue with zipper another side using glue gun. See the picture.

Step 8: Now Attached Second Bottle Bottom Part

Now attached second bottle bottom part with the zipper where u put some glue. See the picture.

Step 9: After Add Zipper and Two Bottom Part of the Bottle

After add zipper and two bottom part of the bottle. You almost done to make awesome Pencil case with plastic bottle, See the picture.

Step 10: Now Put Some Pencil or Pen Into Case

Now put some pencil or pen into case and close the zipper & enjoy yourself.

If you like this share this with your friends and make this for your children.

If you didn't understand any of the steps, watch my full video here:


Maker Saga (author)2017-04-25


tiktaktricks (author)Maker Saga2017-04-26

I hope you enjoy this article and also my video. & you will make this at your home :)

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