How to Make Perfect Sticky Rice Using a Rice Cooker

Picture of How to Make Perfect Sticky Rice Using a Rice Cooker
Rice Cooker
Rice Scoop

Calrose Rice

Note: Using any type of rice other than Calrose will not produce the desired outcome.
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Step 1:

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Choose how much rice you would like to make. Measure, and place the desired amount in the rice cooker.

     Note: 1 cup of uncooked rice = 3 cups of cooked rice

Step 2:

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Wash the rice by putting water in the rice cooker, and using your hand to stir the rice.

Step 3:

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When the water begins to look murky, dump the water out. Use your hand to make sure the rice doesn’t pour out with the water. Repeat the washing at least three times.

Step 4:

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Place enough water to cover the rice, and let it sit for at least a half hour.

Step 5:

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Once again, dump the water. This time when refilling the water, you should measure carefully. Place the back of your four fingers on top of the rice. Fill with enough water to just cover your fingers.

Step 6:

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Place the lid on the rice cooker insert, place it in the cooker, and press the start button down.

     Note: The great thing about using a rice cooker is that it will time the cooking itself.

Step 7:

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When the start button pops up, the rice is done. Use the rice scoop to serve yourself a perfect scoop of sticky rice.

Does it matter what kind of rice? I only have jasmine rice on hand...? Can anybody help a girl out ha

kcorbaley1 year ago

Great job teaching! Thank you!

hitachi81 year ago
what is this pot made of?
is this straight alumilium or it got a coating? very strange indeed.
slo5oh1 year ago
For step 5 you don't need to wet your entire hand. Swish the rice around until it's all even on the bottom of the pot. Use 1 finger and insert straight down into the water until you just touch the top of the rice, the water level should reach your FIRST knuckle. Because a family member recently misunderstood this exact wording, the first knuckle is the joint directly above your finger nail, NOT the middle of your finger aka your middle knuckle, in short ONLY the first 1/3 of your finger. This works great for short grain "sushi" rice. Not all rice is the same though, so if you find that bottom of the rice is burning add a little more water or if the rice seems a bit soggy use a little less (or maybe your fingers are too long?).

Also, when cooking other types of rice you may find a longer soak yields better results. Many newer rice cookers have buttons such as "white" "brown" "quick" etc. AFAIK, the only difference on the cook is how long they soak before the actual cooking starts.

Thank you OP, good write up.
You should be a hand model! Lol, really, this looks easy. Thanks for sharing!
Aadencash2 years ago
sweet. 5 stars. this will go great with my chicken. haha