Step 4: Start Connecting

Start connecting piece by piece..
1. Put your plastic piece overlapping one and another
2. Fold one piece and slide it under
3. Pull both piece gently untill both piece are connected
your instruction... helped me make this..hanging pot on my front door
<p>Your instructions were really clear! We've been going to town making rolls of plarn for our church's mission in Haiti. Thanks for your Instructable. It's much appreciated!</p>
um, do i need special patterns to knit and crochet with plarn, or are normal patterns ok? and i made plarn as one continuing strip(from a youtube vid) vs how u make it from loops, which way is correct?
I use regular patterns for crocheting with plarn.<br>I've never use it as a continuing strip before, but thats a good idea. I'll surely try that. I've seen someone knit a sling bag made out of plarn combined with strips of denim fabric and it looks soooo awesome. The combination of blue denim and colorful plarn its just so pretty!

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