Picture of How to Make Plastic Flowers
Plastic Flowers are so easy to make and really pretty! You can hang them, make a garland, or add them to your decor! It is very fun and easy while using your plastic bottles! Hope you Enjoy!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The Materials you will need are:

* A Kirkland Bottle or any bottle (however Kirkland has grooves, making it easier to follow and make a pretty flower!)
* Old Nail Polish or paint
* Marker (not pictured and optional if you can see the grooves)
* Knife

Then remove the plastic bottle wrapper.

Step 2: Cut a slit

Picture of Cut a slit
Take your knife and cut a slit where the top part of the bottle ends. This will make it easier for the next step. 

Step 3: Cut the Top off

Picture of Cut the Top off
Using your scissors, pierce through the slit you made with the knife and start cutting off the top. You could also just continue to cut with the knife but I like to use the scissors for safety.

Step 4: Identify where you want to cut

Picture of Identify where you want to cut
Using a marker, draw along the grooves of the bottle, but if you can see the grooves, then just cut along. If you don't have any grooves, then use the marker to mark where and how you want the petals to be. 

Step 5: Bend the Petals outwards.

Picture of Bend the Petals outwards.
After cutting the petals, bend them outward until they all are out and it looks like a pretty flower!

Step 6:

Picture of
Then, taking your nail polish or paint, paint the petals.

*Tip if your nail polish if really goopy, paint on the outside for a cool effect. If not then paint on the inside.

Step 7: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
Now you have a beautiful plastic flower! Have fun and tell me below what you did with it and how it turned out!!!

Mine is not the best so sorry, but if you have any questions please ask below!
mclare502 years ago
Great thanks a bunch!
krabs (author)  mclare502 years ago
No problem! I am always happy to help
mclare502 years ago
Enter this in the UP contest!!!!! You'll win for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mclare502 years ago
Would the big 2 liter soda bottles work also? :) mclare50
krabs (author)  mclare502 years ago
Yes they would. they would make bigger flowers. any type of bottle will work :)
mclare502 years ago
Also, could you put topcoat on it to keep it from chipping? :) mclare50
krabs (author)  mclare502 years ago
Yes, it'll help them last longer. though since i do not own much paint, i used nail polish but i think any paint would work best if you have any.