How to Make Playdough Without Cream of Tartar

video How to Make Playdough Without Cream of Tartar
Easy DIY Play doh recipe without cream of tartar and no cooking. Make the best playdough creations with no cream of tartar and cook free that kids will love.  All you need:
4 cups of flour
11/2 cups salt
2 tbsp oil
1 cup water
food coloring
long19 hours ago

can it be 2tbsp of salt

k8ie62868 days ago

This worked fine for me! Maybe not exactly Playdough, but it definitely worked for the science project we were doing!

This was a waste. it does not work and its hard and crumbly. we did all we could. -.-

SavannahE119 days ago

I really dont remember how playdo is supposed to feel like

This didn't work, I'm sad.

it didn't work for me either... but i just kept messing with it until i got the right consistency

vika19977 months ago

works great

KatieStiles (author)  vika19977 months ago

Awesome, thanks for trying!