Introduction: How to Make Playdough Without Cream of Tartar

Easy DIY Play doh recipe without cream of tartar and no cooking. Make the best playdough creations with no cream of tartar and cook free that kids will love.  All you need:
4 cups of flour
11/2 cups salt
2 tbsp oil
1 cup water
food coloring


smcmaster82 (author)2015-02-17

I just made this earlier today. My 2 year old son had never played with play dough before. I was looking for something fun to do using ingredirnt I had in the cupboard. We had so much fun. This recipe was so easy! I seen comments about it "not working" I had to add a little extra water then added too much and had to add a little flour. It all worked out in the end and took less than 10 minutes to make. I will use this recipe again!

Steachplame (author)2017-05-04


Steachplame made it! (author)2017-05-04

Das ist sehr lustig zu spielen mit. Danke ???

germank2021 (author)2017-01-23

I make this with the same recipe but instead of food coloring i use 1-2 kool-aid packets to not only give it color but also a really good scent!

trist206 (author)2017-01-17

So this was awesome and I'm so glad you dont have to use Cream of Tartar

Shiningstar123 made it! (author)2016-12-13

I made this play dough, and it's a great recipe. I love it soooo much.

Grandma Linda (author)2016-12-03

awesome and no cooking required. Thank you so much.... can this be dried in a low oven to save like tree ornaments???

JenniferM279 made it! (author)2016-05-27

Love it! Thank you so easy to follow & make :)

KatieStiles (author)JenniferM2792016-05-27

Great, thanks Jennifer!

Alexandria0 (author)2016-05-24

this is pretty much salt dough, cream of tartar is needed to make it have play dough texture, and to make it last for 6 months or longer.

kgrosvenor (author)2016-05-09

made this with 2 small chiuldren.. fab recipe!! xx

linjmc (author)2016-03-14

I'm wanting to make blue play doh / clay. But instead of needing it to last for many uses, I want students to be able to take home a dried piece they make. Anyone know if this will air dry ok?

Jocelynhayes (author)linjmc2016-05-04

It should... Just leave it in a completely sealed plastic bag and it should dry. ;)

allygator12 (author)2016-02-19

does it stain your hands

Jocelynhayes (author)allygator122016-05-04

Nope! Just make sure there's not too much water or food coloring!

farren3456 (author)allygator122016-04-23


farren3456 (author)allygator122016-04-23

only the food colouring

Nope, not mine.

farren3456 (author)2016-04-23


Aaesha Bayatly made it! (author)2016-04-11


Aaesha Bayatly (author)2016-04-11


Aaesha Bayatly made it! (author)2016-04-11

I made this recipe for my 2 little girls this evening who've been pleading with me to make them playdough these last few days.I made half mixture, ie. 2 colours and followed the process as per the video for the first colour.Hmmm it turned out a tad dry and hard even adding a little more oil and water.Anyway,the kids were thrilled anyhow and got to playdoughing.Next I started on the second colour with the mixing and needing part of the process.But after looking up cream of tartar substitutes on the internet, I added 1-2 tsp. white vinegar and about 2 desertspoons of extra water and......WOW.....beautiful texture. So not sure if it was the vinegar or the water or a combination of the 2 that made the difference.The playdough of course smelt 'vinegary' but in terms of texture and kneadability and lovely soft stretchiness- Awesome...a similar texture to shop-bought playdough.
Thanks for the easy but I deffinitely think the added vinegar with water is a worthwhile modification.

smerino1011 (author)2016-03-03

I am going to try this later in the day

smerino1011 (author)2016-03-03

I am going to try this later in the day

LisaF82 made it! (author)2016-03-02

Only problem is it's salty and has a grainy texture and little holes. Any tips? I tried dissolving the salt in the water before hand this time but it still ended up the same. And I added more water as it was too dry.

K9SRock (author)2016-02-17

I don't like cream of tartar so I needed something without cream of tartar. So this is perfect!!

K9SRock (author)2016-02-17

I don't like cream of tartar so I needed something without cream of tartar. So this is perfect!!

K9SRock (author)2016-02-17

I love your crafts

K9SRock (author)2016-02-17

I love your crafts

K9SRock (author)2016-02-17

I love this I will make this today

SaharI2 (author)2016-01-28

How much is 11\2 cups of salt

one whole cup and another half cup

Amy andC (author)2016-01-25

Just what I was looking for! I will be making this tomorrow! I'll link these instructions on a blog I write with my bff in the next few days! :o)

Nicole StompyR (author)2016-01-05

I'm looking forward to making this. I am needing firm reusable playdough for molding kids hands. This sounds great!

Cabbagebin (author)2015-12-15

I just made this as a quick fix for my physics design lab on surface deformation. Thank you for the easy recipe, really helped me out!

TinaC47 (author)2015-11-03

I have made this recipe several times for my daycare kids (and own). Each time requires more water than the recipe states, but it always comes out fantastic and lasts a long time.

SimplyNaturalStuff (author)2015-10-27

Love this recipe ? I used rice flour because my son has celiac and cannot have any gluten products, it worked so well I just had to add a little bit of extra water. Thank you so much for such an easy recipe, he is having so much fun with this

TawnyR (author)2015-09-26

I made it today with my 3 year old niece she loves playdoh and we've been making the koolaid playdoh and I ran out of cream of tartar so I needed a recipe that didn't use that. She's having so much fun with all the colors. Koolaid play doh is sort of limited in the colors if your grocery store doesn't have certain flavors that would make the color you want. So I think this is a lot better for us. Thanks for sharing. Although I will say I ran out of flour I only had two cups left and did half the salt. I was able to make 3 bowls of playdoh. Each bowl got about a cup each so it worked out.

AshleyB21 (author)2015-08-31

Worked great! Thanks:) No problems at all with the recipe:) :) :)

NgaR1 (author)2015-08-30

Wow this is really simple and easy awhile back I tried this way of making a play though I follow all the instruction and guess what the play though last it a month i guess it would have last it more than that my grandchildren ended up mixing all the colors together. Storing it in the fridge did make it last that long with air tight wrapper. I introduce it to our children s ministry some of the kids never play that before but now they really enjoy it. I would recommend this to whoever that have no time to do this 5 min is all you need.

JeniM (author)2015-08-01

I understand that sometimes things won't work for everyone for various reasons. If you are one of the people that this doesn't work for however, that doesn't give you the right to be mean and leave nasty comments! This woman was simply sharing something that her children enjoyed with the rest of us and I for one, appreciate it! When my daughter wakes up from her nap this afternoon, we are going to try it. If it works, that will be fantastic! If it doesn't, well that's okay too. Either way, as a first time mom, I appreciate you sharing this with me!

CarlaMLang (author)2015-01-27

Great easy recipe for our first snow day. I linked your video to our family blog. :)

KatieStiles (author)CarlaMLang2015-06-26

Thank you!

artsy_owl (author)2015-06-17

I tried this today and it worked after a few alterations :) Overall a nice recipe for this. I had to add a tiny bit more water and roll the dough in the flour-salt mixture but it worked quite well after that. Will definitely use again!

Demi W (author)2015-06-12

Stir under medium heat and if still dry ad small amounts of water to dry ingredients then when it comes to o e bigs clump get it out of the pot and knead it.

taylamaybro (author)2015-04-15

MarissaBalsdon (author)2015-04-11

thankyou it was really fun to make! are those your kids?

kyla.casey.58 (author)2015-04-07

Do you need 4 bowls

mandy.ross.311 (author)2015-04-01

Just made this for my 3 kids and they love it. We added a bit of glitter too. Just use common sense....if too sticky, add more flour. If too dry, add more water - easy!

husna.amirah90 (author)2015-03-20


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