I love to make rather large polymer clay beads but the bigger the bead, the heavier the weight, which is no good for jewelry. I decided using a wood "filler" bead might help cut down the weight. Turns out it did and it also cut down my expenses b/c I wasn't using nearly as much clay! And that translated to selling the beads at a better price as well! Everyone wins! :D

Here's how I make inexpensive and light-weight polymer beads...

Step 1: What you'll need.

-Pre-made Cane
-Tissue Blade
-Knitting Needle or Exacto-Knife or Stylus
-Wax Paper
-Liquid Polymer Clay (preferable)
-Wood Beads (size is up to you)

If you don't have a "pre-made cane", look for an instructable on "how to make a polymer clay cane". I'll probably have one out in a couple of hours. ;)

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