Step 3: Make Candy!

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Tie a long piece of cotton* string to a spoon, fork, skewer, etc. Then, measure the height of your jar and trim the string to this length. You may need to weigh your string down to keep it straight. For this, you can use anything that sinks in water - but avoid lead.

Place your jar in a place that it won't be disturbed for about a week.

After about a week, pull out your candy! If you don't see any growth within the first few days -- drain the sugar water into a pot, heat it and add more sugar. Also check that your string isn't super slippery.

If ants are a problem, place your jar on a plate of water - then add a few drops of detergent. This makes an ant moat.

Here at instructables HQ -- ants are a problem when it comes to leaving food on the counter.

*Do not use nylon or other synthetic stings as these are too slippery for candy crystal growth. Coarse cotton twine works best, providing locations for crystal growth to begin (these are called nucleation sites).
mae-kitty5 years ago
 KoZuEst, the pantyhose was a great idea. I tried to and it kept everything out. =D and also, if your having trouble growing the seed and or the crystal, either go out and buy rock candy then use that as the seed, or you can do what i did. Use a sugar cube. It works great lol.
if i put it in a cold area will it harden quicker and not have to wait a week?
KoZuEst6 years ago
A better alternative for the string would be a wooden stick. Probably something like those bamboo BBQ skewers, although bamboo might also be a bit too "slippery". I just think using a stick instead of a string makes the candy better to eat.. like a lollipop. Chewing on a piece of string is somewhat unpleasant. Also, maybe something to protect from the dust? If it needs to sit there for a week.. there will probably be some dust or dog hair in it. I don't like hair in my candy.
trebuchet03 (author)  KoZuEst6 years ago
You can dust cover as long as it allows the solution to evaporate, that is, no airtight covers (probably not plastic either) ;)
Pantyhose.. :D I know, they put jars of water covered with pantyhose in pianos to keep the humidity levels stabile.