How to Make Rock Candy


Step 5: How it works

Picture of How it works
By heating and agitating water while adding sugar, a saturated liquid is formed. As the syrup cools and evaporates, the fluid becomes super saturated - meaning the water has more sugar than it can hold. When this happens, sugar looks for a place to escape - these places are called nucleation sites and sometimes called "seeds."

The string provides the nucleation sites for crystal growth. As the water evaporates, more sugar crystallizes on the string - growing the rock candy.
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csk144 years ago
Can you color the candy?  Maybe put food coloring in the water or ad a fruit.
Goygar csk142 years ago
Adding food coloring or fruit gives no real problems. But to flavor the candy, it is best to add a candy flavoring or an extract of some flavor.
namraps4 years ago
Maybe I'm missing it, but I saw nothing about the amount of sugar.
trebuchet03 (author)  namraps4 years ago
Step 2

Keep adding sugar until vigorous stirring does not dissolve additional sugar.
brazilian sugar works?
its sweet literally! :D I need 2 make some! actually my friends made rock candy for science class, they wanted to make flavored rock candy and used kool aid instead of sugar. I guess because it was so sugary because of the kool aid it grew bigger faster! I wonder about ice tea rock candy?
supercheap5 years ago
i like your action-scripty shirt
mason01906 years ago
yum but does it need to be heated or just stirred
sector476 years ago
mooses236 years ago

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