What's cuter than Christmas on a stick? That's right-- nothing.
Here's how to make this bite-size treat with few steps and ingredients. They're perfect for gift-giving and sharing with family and friends during the holidays!

Step 1: Supplies

These are the things you'll need:
-1 box mix cake (any flavor)
- 1 can of frosting 
- 2 bags red candy coating pieces
- 1 bag white candy coating pieces
- Yogurt-covered raisins OR white chocolate-covered espresso beans
- lollipop sticks
- White candy sprinkles (optional)
Other needs: A lollipop stand or styrofoam block, a microwave, and a little bit of patience.

I usually buy Wilton brand because of their vast array of cake-decorating supplies. You can get the candy coating, sprinkles, and sticks from them. Coming soon to a craft store near you! Espresso beans would look a smidge better on the finished product, but I couldn't find them at my ordinary grocery. (a Gourmet Coffee Shop, maybe?) 

Thanks Penolopy, I love cake pops too! They're a tasty change from the usual cookies and breads we bake for Christmas ;)
Love cake pops! Such a great idea for the holidays :)

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