Versatile and delicious, sausage is incredibly easy to make at home. With just a few special pieces of equipment, and some creative instinct with spices, you can quickly have a few homemade links of your own.

Here at Fork in the Road , we believe in sustainability in the kitchen. We are a San Francisco-based community of family farmers, chefs, workers and people who have been in the food business for generations. We make a variety of sustainable meats, including hot links, hot dogs, deli meats and ribs — all of which can be found in Whole Foods throughout Northern California. This sausage tutorial was given at this year's Eat Real Festival in Oakland, California, using pasture-raised beef and heirloom pork.

Step 1: Mix Ingredients

When making sausage on your own, it's fun to experiment with spices and ingredients. For this recipe, we used jalapeños, habaneros, chili flakes, cayenne, sage, rosemary, garlic, sauteed onions, and salt.

We used pork picnic and beef shanks for this sausage, but you can also use beef chuck and pork butt, which are easier to find in stores. Be sure to keep a 25% fat ratio in the meat you're using. The easiest fat to add is back fat. Pork jowels are good if you want a creamier sausage.

Be sure to keep everything extremely cold when you're making sausage - ingredients and equipment included. This keeps the fat's integrity, and makes your meat easier to work with.  

Cut up your meat and fat into 1 to 2-inch chunks. Place into a (cold!) metal bowl. Add spices and quickly mix with your hands.
<p>I have read of people who have visited sausage factories, and based on what they witnessed there, swore off eating sausage for life! Making your own, you control exactly what goes into the tubes. Great idea!</p><p>BTW, there is an instructable for building your own sausage stuffer.</p>
Yum! Who knew sausage was so easy to make? Thanks for sharing
Very interesting, thanks for sharing.<br><br>When I was young (younger than today), my father did sausages sometimes, at those years they used guts to stuff with the meat. My uncles and aunts came home and each family would take some sausages.

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