scale mail is a type of armor that dates back to at least the roman empire. it was also worn by the Riders of Rohan in the second two Lord of the Rings Movies. it is a series of overlapping metal scales that in this case, though not always, have a backing.

since this is also a costume I've also made a sword, shield, and helmet.

Warning this is a costume so don't wear it as actual Armour because its not and probably wont protect you.

Step 1: Materials

for this project you will need


sheets of leather, (i didn't know where to find leather and figured it'd be expensive so i used brown vinyl and denim you will also need colored vinyl for the shield if you want it.

tin snips

26 gauge sheet steel (you could use something thicker if you don't mind the weight and have something to cut it with)

metal wire
(i used 20 gauge copper wire i got craft store that meant for jewelry making)

a hammer

nails (i used both the sort of nails used for construction and the sort of nails used for trim)

a piece of wood (for hammering into)

ply wood

paint (what ever colors you want for your shield)


blow torch

tin of some sort (tin from corrugated tin roofs would work and you could probably find it at a junk yard)


a soldering iron and solder
(i think this makes it stronger but its not necessary)

Would there be any foreseeable issues with using aluminium sheet rather than steel? It would be cheaper and lighter, surely.
For hammering the helmet, try buying a baseball batting helmet at a thrift store or second-hand sporting goods store (rather inexpensive). You could heat the metal with a torch but it would probably melt the batting helmet as you were working. Or just try cutting the batting helmet to the shape you want and adding a nice paint job.
The shield is quite good, with a miner exception. In the movie, the shields have a hole in the wood behind the boss, and a single, vertical wooden handle right behind that, which goes all the way across the shield. But with that change, and your armor, that is one amazing costume.
&nbsp;hi there,<br /> now im on a low budget so i was wandering how much the metal that you used would cost?? Recently i have been collecting soft drink cans so do you think that the aluminum in those would be suitable substitute?<br />
on the vest i used about 780 square inches of metal and at lowes you can get a 24&quot;/48&quot; sheet, witch is 1152 square inches, for about 27$ but that's just the vest<br />
it would also depend on how big you are<br />
For Rohan we must not fail<br />

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