Scrambled pancakes, or "German Pancakes", are a very simple breakfast food that tastes great and your guests will leave wanting more!

When you are making scrambled pancakes, if you decide you don't want them scrambled, you can always make crêpes with the same batter! With crêpes, you have the option of making delicious sweet crêpes for breakfast or dessert, but you also have the option of making scrumptious savory crêpes as the main plate for an amazing meal!

There is a wide variety of toppings from which you may choose to put on and it can be presented in many forms!

Step 1: Base Recipe: Ingredient Gathering

For this recipe, we will need the following:
- One egg
- 3 tablespoons of flour
- 1/4 cup of milk

The type of milk can be used to change the texture of the pancake scrambles.
Whole milk can be used in place of skim milk. This will cause the scrambles
to be less dry, and the crumbs finer. Skim milk can be used to reduce the fat content.

This is enough to make a single serving of scrambled pancakes. If you
are planning on making more than one serving by doubling (etc.) the ingredients,
keep in mind that it becomes more difficult to cook. It's somewhat like scrambled
eggs; it takes longer to cook the more of the batter there is. Cooking time will need to
be adjusted accordingly.
<p>Wow, so many different versions of German Pancakes!! &gt;.&lt;</p>
<p>My mom made this when I was a child and it was called chicklets. We would sprinkle sugar over it. My Great-grandmother was a German immigrant and my mom learned this from her. </p>
This is cool! I've never heard of this.
This sounds so good - never would have thought to do it. Especially excited about the peasant's crepe - I love emmental cheese!

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