How to Make Shirt Type-like Stole.DIY Idea Recycling an Old Shirt





Introduction: How to Make Shirt Type-like Stole.DIY Idea Recycling an Old Shirt

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DIY Idea:Recycling an old shirt

Shirts type-like stole and fake collar

Step 1: What You Need

  • an old shirt
  • scissors
  • glue for cloth,no sewing

Step 2: Cut Out and Glue

After cutting out the top of a shirt , glue the two parts together. I used this glue for cloth no sewing.

But you had better use it if you have a sewing machine

Once you cut out the top of the shirt with collar,It does not become thick when you tied around your shoulder.

Step 3: How to Wear

This shirts type-like stole is tied around your shoulder or back more comfortably.

Step 4: How to Wear

You can also use the collar which was left as fake collar.

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    Thank you so much! Was it selling as an outfit in your country?It might be better one than this ,but it’ll cost as it is.(^^)

    Great idea...I was at a dept store the other day and they were selling it as an outfit (the way you have it in the second photo). You're ahead of the curve :) !

    Thank you again ! I'm so glad.

    This a really good idea I am going to use it!!!