How to Make Simple Door Alarm by Using Clothes Peg (DIY)


Introduction: How to Make Simple Door Alarm by Using Clothes Peg (DIY)

Easiest And Simples Way To Make Door Alarm With Household Items Including Clothes Peg (Clothespin) And As Always Its Cheap, Easy And Fun To Make . Even Though Its Too Simple But Its Very Efficient And Works Perfectly , It Can Help You Save And Protect Your Privacy And Properties.

Step 1: Component :

Watch The Video For More Details And To See The Parts :

- Clothes Peg

- Wires

- 9V Battery And Its Clip

- Buzzer


- 1K Ohm Resistor

- Info Card

- Styro Foam

Step 2: Circuit Diagram :

Step 3: How to Make It :

Video !!
Why Video ? Because its Easiest And Most Efficient Way To Learn

Step 4: For More Informations Contact Us :

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    is there anything else you can use instead of styrofoam


    In Step # 02 (circuit diagram), pic of clothes peg (pin) is in wrong side. Please correct it.

    3 replies

    To be honest I cant see anything wrong ? can you more explain it ?

    OK Dear. I understand now, please.

    You Welcome, Thanks For Your Notes

    Great! Very clear video - even without sound. I like the simplicity.

    1 reply