Easiest And Simples Way To Make Door Alarm With Household Items Including Clothes Peg (Clothespin) And As Always Its Cheap, Easy And Fun To Make . Even Though Its Too Simple But Its Very Efficient And Works Perfectly , It Can Help You Save And Protect Your Privacy And Properties.

Step 1: Component :

Watch The Video For More Details And To See The Parts :

- Clothes Peg

- Wires

- 9V Battery And Its Clip

- Buzzer


- 1K Ohm Resistor

- Info Card

- Styro Foam

Step 2: Circuit Diagram :

Step 3: How to Make It :

Video !!
Why Video ? Because its Easiest And Most Efficient Way To Learn

Step 4: For More Informations Contact Us :

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<p>Dear,</p><p> In Step # 02 (circuit diagram), pic of clothes peg (pin) is in wrong side. Please correct it.</p>
<p>To be honest I cant see anything wrong ? can you more explain it ?</p>
OK Dear. I understand now, please.<br>Thanks.
<p>You Welcome, Thanks For Your Notes</p>
<p>Awesome. I appreciate it.</p>
<p>Thank You</p>
<p>Great! Very clear video - even without sound. I like the simplicity. </p>
<p>Thank You :)</p>

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