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Introduction: How to Make Simple Flyback Driver

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Flyback transformer (FBT) is specially designed transformer for which are used in CRT displays . It is capable of generating over 50kV .

In this Instructable I am going to instruct how to make a simple flyback driver using power mosfet .

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Lets gets stared ..

Step 1: Components Required

Flyback Transformer - 1 [ ebay ]

IRFZ44 MOSFET - 1 [ Banggood ]

150 Ohm Resistor (1/2 W) - 1 [ Banggood ]

Step 2: Circuiting

Download the circuit attached

Be sure the power supply is OFF while making connections.

1. Wound 14 turns with center tap to FBT core with 18SWG wire.

2.Connect 150 Ohm resistor to gate terminal of IRFZ44 .

3.Connect first wire of coil to the remain terminal of resistor.

4.Connect center tap to +Ve power supply (5V in my case)

5.Connect remain coil wire to drain terminal of IRFZ44 .

6. Connect source terminal of IRFZ44 to -ve power supply.

Note : It generates high voltage more than 20000 Volts , be careful and take necessary precautions . When the circuit is ON don't take your hand nearby transformer, you may get a shock .

Step 3: Output

When you get thick red wire of FBT to bottom -ve terminal there will be electric arc jumping from Red thick wire to -ve terminal.

I recommend you to get the thick red wire near to bottom pins of FBT and place with some support , then turn on the circuit . This tip prevents you from getting shock , but be careful always.

Step 4: Watch Video

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    Why is it pulsing on and off?

    If you can get this to fire more continuously, you could make a "Jacob's Ladder".

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