How to Make Simple Water Level Indicator





Introduction: How to Make Simple Water Level Indicator

Do you want to make water level indicator for easy! Try this. This simple water level indicator no needs Transistor or IC. I Make this for another project! this can use for Water bottle, Water tank, or another things you want to use this

Step 1: The Schematic

Follow the schematic. You can use breadboard, PCB, or just solder it.

Step 2: Make the Case

For better look, I make The case from mini bottle. and I glue heatsink under the bottle for better stand.

Step 3: Full Instructions and Testing Video

Thanks For look my work. I Hope this work for you. Because I made this 100% work.

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Step 4: See My Other Instruction



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    thank you

    thats a cool and simple build, yo.

    The resistor isn't even needed !

    Yes but I only keep the LED does not burn

    But they won't with the resistance of water. Anyway a 33ohm is too small to protect the leds.

    In the scematic image, I write 33ohm or bigger.

    Use an appropriate resistor for LED and best result.

    Thanks for your suggestion


    Using a transistor would make it more sensitive

    true and the LED would more likely burn at a constant bright level. Yet, this is a smart idea

    It is as you say, simple and cheap, no real need for heightened sensitivity since water will conduct enough to illuminate the appropriate LED.