This compass is very simple to make it takes only 5 minutes

also check out the video

Step 1: Gather the Things You Need

For making this simple compass you won't need any complex material it can made in only 5 minutes

you will need

2 x 20 inches wood pieces

2 x 2inch jublee clips

1 x screw and hand tightening nut

1 x nail

1 x pen

Step 2:

Drill a hole in end of both of wood pieces,insert a screw with hammer and tight it with nut then put the jublee clips at the end of wood points put a nial at one side and pen in another

Step 3:

open up the compass to take measurement and tight the screw so it won't move

put it on the desired surface and make round circles

<p>I wish I had this the last time I needed a large compass. The string method works best if you have two people. This looks like it only takes one person to use it.</p>
<p>Nice. I think that this is probably the biggest compass that I have seen. Very cool.</p>

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