How to Make Skateboard Backpack




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Introduction: How to Make Skateboard Backpack

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This tutorial walks you through the steps on how to take a backpack and install straps to carry your skateboard. This is a good was to recycle your old bags. Give them a new use! Hope everyone has fun with this sewing project! Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment! Thanks for watching!

Step 1: Supply List

- Sewing was done on Singer 4423 Link to buy off Amazon:

- Jansport backpack -

- Webbing-

- Velcro-

Step 2: Video Tutorial

This is the step by step video tutorial. If the video does not load here is the link to the video CLICK HERE!

Thank you for supporting our DIY network! Please let us know if you need help with the process.

Written steps coming soon!



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    Could you do this for a violin instead of a skateboard? When i ride my bike to school i bungee cord it to the handlebars and that hasn't worked.