How to Make Slime With Toothpaste and Glue





Introduction: How to Make Slime With Toothpaste and Glue

This tutorial show you how to make slime with Toothpaste and Glue

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

-Need to use Gel toothpaste

-Elmer's glue..Clear or White (I use white in this tutorial)

-Something to mix (I use end of a spoon)

- A bowl (can also use a dish, lid cover...)

Step 2: Step 2: Add Toothpaste and Glue

Mix them well

Step 3: Step 3: Repeat Until Slime Is Ready

Use finger to touch slime

If still sticky add more glue and mix

Keep mixing until slime doesn't stick to finger anymore

Step 4: Step 4: Store Slime

After you done playing with slime

To keep slime drying out, store in a zip lock bag and keep in fridge

If slime start to dry out, add bit water in the bag

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2 Questions

I’ve been trying to make slime now if u tried it tell me if it worked for u


Didn't work for me

U should never put slim on the toothpast never and it will work

i'm going to make it

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