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Step 2. Stare at this picture for a moment, to confirm your sloe identification skills. Sloes are the berries of the blackthorn bush, which is a common bush which grow in hedgerows in England. (Hedgerows are sort of like wild hedges that grow on country paths in England; they're not exactly wild cause someone planted them but some of them are over 700 years old. So they seem sort of wild, or at least really old.) Sloes are blue and round, and larger than blueberries. They taste fairly nasty on their own.
samand4 years ago
Hi Just made my first sloe gin
its handy for me as i am a volunteer in a new planted woodland(5 years) so there are several blackthorn bushes,so handy

Picked a coffee jar full of sloes washed and cleaned them
Bought a 1 ltr gordons gin
Halved it into another bottle
Put in150 gms sugar in each
I pinch (squeeze) the sloes before putting inthe bottle
And thats it
I don't drink
but i will have lots of friends by christmas
lilybet6 years ago
We make plum gin every year - and damson gin - but have just moved house and have a sloe bush so now we're adding to our collection :) plum gin is delicious, sweeter than either sloe or damson gin.
bustedit6 years ago
but what do you do if there's a bustle in the hedgerow? need I be alarmed?