How to Make Smooth Pan Shots With Your Camera Tripod




Introduction: How to Make Smooth Pan Shots With Your Camera Tripod

If you are trying to get smooth panning shots for your videos, using a camera tripod or monopod will definitely help. But the results can be jumpy sometimes if your camera tripod isn't as good, or you are not rotating the handle smoothly. In this instructable, we will show you how to make smooth panning shots with your camera tripod using a rubber band.

Step 1: Mount Your Camera to the Tripod.

Step 2: Put the Rubber Band Around the Handle of the Camera Tripod. Make Sure It’s Not Too Tight So That You Can Pan Smoothly.

The rubber band will help reduce camera shake when you rotate the camera, making your videos look steady and professional. The rubber band also averages out any small movements that would have caused shakiness in the panning shots.



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