Introduction: How to Make Sofia the First Disney Chocolate Cake Topper (Clover)

We had a lot of fun making a Clover cake. Clover the cute bunny from the Disney show Sofia the first. Please check out how we did it and share your thoughts or questions.

Step 1: Create the Mold

Picture of Create the Mold

First secure Clover to the bottom of a plastic cup using hot glue. Melt and pour the ComposiMold until it fills at least a quarter inch above Clovers head. Allow the ComposiMold to cool until it becomes rubber like. Remove the mold from the cup and pull Clover out of the mold.

One of the nice things about ComposiMold is that it is flexible making it easy to removing object from the mold, plus its transparent so if you need the cut the mold you can see were the cuts line up. I chose to cut the mold down the center of clovers tail; the tail is the most fragile part of the mold so cutting down its center will allow me to remove the chocolates easily without the risk of losing the tail.

Step 2: Make Chocolates

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Next heat and pour the chocolate. Heat the chocolate no hotter than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, add Paraffin wax if you want a nice, glossy finish. Wait for the chocolate to cool, and then remove it from the mold. The chocolates will cool faster if you place the mold in the fridge or freezer.

Step 3: Paint and Decorate

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We used gel food coloring but you can also use colored chocolates as your paint or just add food coloring to white chocolate to make your own colored chocolate. Place the Clover cake topper on top of your Sofia the first themed cake.


Sunglowart (author)2015-08-25

wow how nice...what exactly is this composite mold thing? where do you get it?

ComposiMold (author)Sunglowart2015-08-25

Thank you for the compliment! ComposiMold is a bio based melt-able rubber. You can find it in our online store: follow this link ComposiMold-FC . Or check out our map to see if there is a reseller near you by following this link: ComposiMold resellers.

Out of curiosity do you have a cake decorating project you are working on?

Sunglowart (author)ComposiMold2015-08-27

Yes... I do have cake projects on hand....and this is wonderful, easy and simple.... Just wondering how the cost point is

Sunglowart (author)Sunglowart2015-08-27

I can't open the link you posted

ComposiMold (author)Sunglowart2015-08-27

Sorry about that. I used bout 10oz of ComposiMold-FC for this project. Here are the links.

Online store:

ComposiMold resellers:

Let me know when you finish your cake project I would love to see how it turns out!

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