How to Make Solenoid Engine DIY


Introduction: How to Make Solenoid Engine DIY

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let’s make a solenoid engine. You may have seen many videos of making solenoid engine online. There are hundreds of such videos on youtube. But this project is entirely different. We designed it in a way how automobile engines work. You can see many components similar to those in an internal combustion engine.

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Step 1:

Step 1: Making of Solenoid Cylinder

First of all Cut two Similar Pieces of ACP or fibre sheet.

And mark Syringe dia on the sheet.

Then Remove unwanted Part.Now cut 2” length from a cylinder part of a syringe.

Fix the Syringe piece on the sheet.

Now is the time to wind the 26 gauge copper wire on the syringe piece.

Wind magnet wire tightly. Minimum turns 60, maximum: as much as possible.

The more you wind magnet wire, your engine will perform faster and powerful.

Make necessary holes. Watch Video.

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could you make one that is able to accelerate?

for 65 turns*2 coils of 28 swg winding wire needs a step down transformer of 12V 5A

60 watts, that's a lot of juice. ☺

Thanks for the reply too.

would like a pdf of the construction.