How to Make Speaker With Plastic Bottle Simple & Easy DIY





Introduction: How to Make Speaker With Plastic Bottle Simple & Easy DIY

  • DIY Homemade speaker from a plastic soda bottle (sprite or coca cola soda bottle). This might not be the too loudest, but you can here pleasant music and have quite a bit of fun making this bottle speaker, and the speaker's simplicity might actually fascinate you.

Please put a thumbs up if you liked it, and be sure to leave your thoughts and ideas for improvements. I apologize for any mistakes. I'm doing many tutorials regarding the plastic soda bottle reuse in my previous videos i made soda candles and bottle cap container and many life hacks using plastic bottles , In this video its my another project of bottle reuse to make a speaker.



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Ugh... you did not post instructions.

m sry it is because of my hectic schedule i will do it later

Hey I can relate to that too. Does instructibles not let you save stuff as a draft? I haven't posted anything yet. I always make things and realise after the fact "Hey this would have been great for instructibles, had I realised earlier." haha. Oh well, there will be something eventually.