There are several recipes for pea soup on instructables but none of them are for the soup my mom made. So this instructable is about "How to make Split Pea soup the way my mom taught me to make it". Why? Because its the best soup I have ever come across. Of course I may be a little biased.

Step 1: Cook Down the Ham

All the other recipes I have seen say to add the ham (Ham bone or other parts) with the peas and cook it all together. I was taught to cook the ham first. After roasting a ham I save the bone and other parts just for making this soup. Take everything from the roasting pan including any outer rind. The skin has a lot of flavor in it and after it has boiled a while that flavor becomes part of the soup stock. So put it all in a large pot with water and boil it until the ham falls apart. I don't usually use any salt because the ham has a lot of salt already in it. After it has boiled for a few hours I clean all the bone and fat that is left and any thing else that is not meat. Use a slotted spoon to get all the meat out of the broth. Clean it all up and then put it back in the pot and add more water and turn the heat back on.
Your mom knew exactly what she was doing... and you do, too. <br> <br>Excellent Ible, Vyger!

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