Introduction: How to Make Sterling Silver Geometric Earrings

Picture of How to Make Sterling Silver Geometric Earrings

Supplies Needed:

1 Round Nose Pliers

1 Sterling Silver Large Geometric Pair

2 Sterling Silver Fish Hook Earrings

2 Sterling Silver 4.5mm Round Jump Rings

Step 1: Picking Up Jump Ring

Picture of Picking Up Jump Ring

Use round nose pliers to pick up jump ring.

Step 2: Open Jump Ring

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While holding jump ring with pliers, use the other hand to pull open jump ring toward you.

Step 3: Attach Geometric Shape

Picture of Attach Geometric Shape

Slide one geometric shape unto the open jump ring

Step 4: Attach Fish Hook

Picture of Attach Fish Hook

Continue holding the geometric shape and jump ring with pliers and slide the fish hook unto the jump ring. Close jump ring.

Step 5:

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Sterling Silver Geometric Earrings!


seamster (author)2016-04-05

Nice and simple! Thanks for sharing how you made these :)

KendraB8 (author)seamster2016-04-05

Thank you!

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