Introduction: How to Make Strawberry Nutella French Toast

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So Strawberry Nutella French Toast looks amazing doesn’t it?! Let me tell you, it genuinely tastes as great as it looks. You NEED to try this one people! I know there are hundreds of topping combinations for french toast but this is hands down the best I have ever tried. I’m gonna leave it there and get straight to the recipe.

Here is what you will need to serve 1.

  • 120g Strawberries
  • 1tsp Caster Sugar
  • 1 Egg
  • 40ml Milk
  • Salt, for seasoning
  • 2 Thick Slices of White Bread
  • Knob of Butter, for frying
  • 1 heaped tsp of Nutella

Step 1: The Strawberries

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First thing’s first. Hull and slice your strawberries then pop them into a bowl. Sprinkle over the caster sugar, gently mix and leave to one side. (Just so you know, this is what’s called ‘macerating’ strawberries. It brings out all those lovely juices!)

Step 2: The French Toast

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In a shallow dish, beat together the egg, milk and a little salt. Heat a large frying pan over a medium heat.

Dip both slices of bread into the egg mixture on both sides.

Step 3: To Cook

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Add the butter to the hot pan. As soon as it’s melted, lay in both slices of bread. Fry for 2-3 minutes until light golden brown, then flip and repeat for the other side.

Step 4: To Cook

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Spread the Nutella over one slice…

Step 5: To Cook

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Top with the other, then flip over. Fry for 1 more minute until both sides are a really nice golden brown.

Step 6: To Finish

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Remove from the pan, slice in half then pour over all those beautiful strawberries. Which, by now, should be swimming in their own beautiful juices. Eat immediately. (As if you’re gonna be able to contain yourself!)

This pretty much wins on every level. It looks absolutely beautiful, it tastes OH MY GOD incredible and it’s actually not difficult or time consuming to make. I mean seriously, why are you not rushing to the shops this second to get the ingredients?!

You need Strawberry Nutella French Toast in your life, like NOW.

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mrsmerwin (author)2017-04-03

I am getting hungry. Maybe I will make some.

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