At some point in college, everybody ends up with a bottle of cheap vodka at some point. Some people like cheap vodka, but I don't. This is an easy way to turn cheap vodka into a great drink for cocktails, mixers, or to just drink straight. 

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:

Pick something cheap, but still drinkable. If you wouldn't drink it, don't use it.

You need about 1 pound. Less will work, but it will make the final product have a more subtle taste.

I personally use mason jars, but you can use old liquor bottles, jars, cans, or whatever. You should probably use glass, as the plastic will impart a bad taste to the vodka.


i made rumtopf ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rumtopf ) last year kinda like this but all kinds of fruit with 100 proof rum, as long as the fruits covered and u have a high alcohol content no need to refrigerate old method of preserving fruit, may get tipsy eating em but also able to cook with left over fruit. very good ible ill have to try strawberry sounds awesome. <br>
Question: when it's ready can you eat the strawberries? They have to LOADED with alcohol!
Question: you said that you want to cut the berries up to expose as much surface area as possible. <br> <br>Couldn't you just shred them up in a food processor? More surface area and juice that way. Mix it with the vodka, wait the time period, then strain through a cloth.
We call this Romtopf where I'm from =) the only difference is that we do it layer by layer, taking turns with berries, sugar and Rhum and repeting it until the jar is full. I made a batch of this from this summer's strawberries and kept it cold and hidden for 3 months. Definately a new Christmas tradition. <br> <br>The best part is that you can mix berries and add them together in the same jar. Since strawberries comes first have a layer of those, let it stand until the blueberries are done, repeat and then do it all over with the raspberries. Haven't tried this one so that'll be this summer's project. <br> <br>Thanks for nice instructable.
one note of caution!<br>Don't place the liqueur in a bottle with those snap-corks for over 3 weeks. I just happened to do just that and it turned out that the batch I made for christmas had turned into champagne. <br>It was a very pretty red fountain when I opened the bottle (with a champagne like sound), quite a mess though on the floor and almost over my computer.
Its all caused by fermentation. The berries can harbor wild yeast, and when you add all the extra sugar in, it gives the little buggers something to eat and infuse the liquid with co2 - Natural carbonation. <br> <br>Its a good practice to place these things into a refrigerator for a good day or two to make sure and inhibit any wild yeast from fermenting your sugar. This method is commonly referred to as &quot;cold crashing&quot; and is used to help halt or slow yeast activity. <br> <br>I had something similar happen with some strawberry mead I had bottled in my closet for much too long. It had those tiny champagne like bubbles after sitting so long, Unfortunately it didn't turn out because I didn't stop the fermentation process soon enough, it ended up tasting a bit like vinegar. <br> <br>cheers!
I see your cutting board has an Apple logo, must be the iBoard!
Looks tasty! Have to certainly give this a try sounds like perfect for the X-mas time. Color will go perfect as well.
Well Ive just made first ever strawberry vodka for xmas, Hope it tastes as good as it looks x
use your hard boiled egg slicer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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