Step 5: Decorating

Picture of decorating
icing coloring.jpg

At this point, all you have left is the decorating. More royal icing can be colored and put in icing bags (or baggies). Icing gels give deeper color than regular food coloring and will likely be found in the same place you find your meringue powder. (see photo below)

The skulls can be decorated with a single color, or with as many vibrant tones as you desire. These skulls are meant to be more festive than frightening and thus, this is a project kids of all ages seem to enjoy. There are no rules in how you embellish, except for one:

Traditionally, the name of the deceased loved one you are remembering would be written across the forehead. You can also write it on a piece of colored foil and attach that with the icing.

Place your finished sugar skull in an ofrenda or anywhere else it will be visible and help you to remember your loved one.

Royal Icing made with egg whites (as per Modern Cake Decorating circa 1966)

3 egg whites (room temperature)
1 lb. confectioners sugar
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar

Place ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat for 7 to 10 minutes.
It is used in the same was as the Royal icing with meringue powder, but it will not give as much volume and will not beat up as well for use at a later date.

Hope that helps! Of all my cake decorating books, this one is definitely my favorite.
And for the sugar mold itself:

2.5 lbs. granulated sugar
1 egg white

Mix until the egg white is evenly distributed.
aliencatx4 years ago
Is there an alternative to using meringue powder for the skulls and the flosting?
illuminatis4 years ago
GOOD idea on the meringue powder, my kids and i made some of these last year for my youngest's class halloween party, but only used sugar, with a little cornstarch mixed in. Also you can use powdered drink mix (kool-aid, unsweetened of course) to color the skulls, just add BARELY enough water to make the drink mix into a paste( use an eyedropper, 5-7 drops per packet) then paint it on. use a different brush for each color, as the rinsing of 1 brush to change colors will add more water to your "paint" than you want. The the plastic type water color brushes work great, are cheap, and can usually be found in bags containing 10-20. the colors sink in are bold and also flavor the skulls nicely. BTW, the "black cherry" flavor makes a deep blood red color, and if your kids are anything like my boys, they'll love their "bloody" skulls
Awesome!! I've been wanting to try this for a while, I think you just gave the the guts to do so... Looks like fun!