Super Capacitor Power Bank-The 5 Minute Charger DIY With Fast Charging.


Introduction: Super Capacitor Power Bank-The 5 Minute Charger DIY With Fast Charging.

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We know that super capacitors are the future and many researches are going on to make out the best possible use of super capacitors, I thought of this application where we can use a super capacitor to make a power bank that could charge from 0-100% in just 4-5 minutes and can deliver energy to our smartphone for 30 -40 minutes,This design can be improved further.So It will be great if you people come up with some interesting ideas to improve it further. Please press the vote button on top right corner if you like this project.

For Parts @ Lowest Price all Over The World Click Below :

Now to make this power bank just follow the schematics and you will be able to build this power bank in just 5 minutes.

Click Here For Project Schematics and How To Make It:

Note: You can increase no. of super-capacitors in order to increase it's charge holding capacity and one of the most important thing is you should connect it in parallel rather than in series.



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    So the links you posted "" comes up as malware on most antivirus.

    Assuming you used the following parts:

    Are you concerned about overcharging your 2.7V supercap to 5V since there is nothing stopping the TP4056 from doing this? You be better off using a variable buck regulator to increase source current and protect the cap from overcharging:

    Secondly recommending people to add more capacitors in parallel is wasteful since your boost regulator ic is only active higher than 0.9V so you are loosing 0.33% of your available capacitor energy density. The perfected method is to add additional capacitors in series with charge balancing circuits between them and supply the circuit with a higher voltage, then use a buck/boost topology on the output to increase efficiency. See research:

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    Thanks for sharing such a important addition to this project ,sir you took it to the next level.

    Brother I used 1 100 f capacitor and it charged my phone for around 15-20 minutes but I will recommend that one should use 500 F capacitors and more will be the capacitors used more time it will charge the phones.

    you can use these super capacitors :

    in an ideal world, it would be 15 minutes at 600ma, so 150mah for 100F capacitor. in the real world, maybe 75-100mah for 100F capacitor. Good for a quick boost, but not worth for long time use.

    Ya it may be correct but I think some innovative intelligent People can come up with modification in this or a much better design.