Step 4: Mix It Up!

Mix it up. Here's the two-person mixing technique: Put the drink ingredients in the bowl. Go a little light on the booze and a little heavy on the mixer, as the extreme cold will make the drink less sweet than it would otherwise be. (Don't worry, you'll adjust the ratios later). Then LN2 pourer ... pours LN2 into the bowl while the stirrer ... stirs the mix. You won't be able to see what is happening, so the pourer pours slowly and stops every so often to allow the stirrer to see into the bowl.
<p>Good lord people - there was one (!!!) lady, which had a serious incident with LN2! ONE!</p><p>Now guess, how many people have serious injuries through hot oil, while deep frying [you know that if you put in water into superheated oil, you create a fireball?]. Nobody is though making so much drama about frying!</p><p>Point is, that you have to be carefully anyway!</p><p>Superfreezing alcohol? Really? Ethanol has a freezing point below -70&ordm;C - however any drinking alcohol has 40% ethanol and less [and water has a freezing point of 0&ordm;C] - that means, that the slushy would be never much colder than 30&ordm;C - unless it is rock hard...</p><p>And other than dry ice, it is also quite easy to see, if LN2 is not yet evaporated - as it is lighter than the liquid and will be swimming visible on top.</p>
So I could make a cocktail, pour liquid nitrogen into it and then (after stirring it) drink it?
You can drink it after all of the liquid nitrogen has burned off. Don't drink it until then.
The hazard isn't just the liquid nitrogen. The danger depends on the final temperature of the drink. With lots of LN2 used, and just a little high-proof alcohol, the drink may become lethal even when the LN2 is boiled off. Alcohol slush chilled to 100K will destroy your esophagus. Probably WORSE than just LN2, since there's no Leidenfrost gas layer for insulation.
http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4577095/Liquid-nitrogen-cocktail-girls-stomach-removed-Gaby-Scanlon-Nitro-Jagermeister.html <br> <br>Enough said - this can be dangerous if something goes wrong - presumably some of the nitrogen didn't evaporate (just a guess) before being consumed? <br>spjobli 343
Er, you might want to read this before you drink any LN: <br> <br>http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/19866191 <br> <br>
&nbsp;Good grief, people.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> &quot;I've always gotten my LN2 from a university, or by masquerading as a &quot;remote outpost&quot; of a university to that university's supplier. &quot;<br /> <br /> Liquid nitrogen is not (oddly enough) some kind of illegal pharmaceutical. For all you people asking where you get the stuff, look in your local phone directory for companies that supply industrial gases. I called a company in my area last summer to ask about buying liquid nitrogen for making ice cream. I didn't have to pretend I was a university or a research lab, and I didn't need a special license. I <em>would </em>need a dewar; they told me I needed to supply my own container for the LN2, and no, they wouldn't sell it to me if I just showed up with a drinking thermos.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> That's it. Not hard to find or buy.<br />
last time i checked, the only requirement was that you have the proper equipment. i believe that was a face shield, cryogenic rated gloves and a Dewar jar.<br><br>this was sold as a kit by the gas company for $1000. once you had that, they would sell you as much ln2 as you could drink.<br><br>(ps. no, don't drink it.... I'm appalled i even have to say it for those few who might)
wer can i buy the liquid coolingstuff in holland. i wanna try it...
How much -173F ethanol can you put in your mouth at one time without getting frostbite or cracked teeth? <br/><br/>Is it safer when frozen than <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Simulated_Liquid_Nitrogen_for_next_to_NOTHING/">almost frozen</a>?<br/>
pour liquid nitrogen all over you arm it looks and feel really cool (it doesnt harm you in any way because it evaporates before it hits your skin due to your body heat!)
Let me just say, that is actually quite dangerous! A small amount will evaporate but a larger one will cool you off instead of being heated up.
yeh within reason people! don't go pouring a few liters over your arm, if you are stupid enough to pour that much on yourself you deserve the cold burns. (a 1/2 a coffee mug is a safe amount)
SQUIRT GUN! seriously, just squirt it at people. they cringe, but as it approaches, the beam turns to smoke! but you'd need gloves...
haha and you have a water pistol that wont crack open at those temps? AWESOME!
FACT-You dont want to ingest liquid nitro because it's toxic id personally have a beer rather than hard liquor.
Great instructable. +1
<strong>This</strong> is why nerds throw the best parties.<br/>It's a fact.<br/>
Shoot. I was on a flight the other day where liquid nitrogen or dry ice was evaporating from their vents onto my legs, freezing my laptop bag. If I'd read this instructable I'd have gotten some booze from the flight attendant to make some frozen drinks on the airplane floor!
you know,<br/>the whole prospect of this idea is good, but with my experiences with drunken adults, super cold substances + impaired judgment= disaster for most .<br/><br/>but I like the whole smoothie for kids thing, do you know were i can get liquid nitrogen?<br/>
I would love to make one of those! With soda of course.
Super-Cool Ha!<br/><br/>I don't care what they say - puns <em>are</em> funny :)<br/>
Looks like you guys were having quite the party! While I was @ that research program right before I came out to Instructables, we would have N2(l) parties all the time, throwing the stuff down the hallway, throwing it off the roof, and making iced creams. No alcohol, though... we're good kids ;)
Awesome, looks fun, step 5 was funny. :-)
Cool, it looks hard to make though...

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