Once again a failed attempt on my part to create something. I realize what I did wrong though and will guide you through what not to do if you want taffy or what to do if you want hard candy . . .or fine art.

Step 1: Combine Sugar and Cornstarch

In a saucepan combine 2 cups of sugar and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch.
<p>cute kid</p>
<p>Hi ! I based my entry for both the Remix Contest ( https://www.instructables.com/contest/remix/ ) &amp; the Ferrous Chef Watermelon Contest ( https://www.instructables.com/contest/watermelon/ ) on Your Taffy recipe. - I made a few modifications to correct the mistakes that made the candy too hard, and replaced the corn syrup with watermelon nectar. I also incorporated <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/aliceownsj00/" rel="nofollow" style="">aliceownsj00</a> idea of using gloves to keep the candy from sticking to me - You can see the project here - https://www.instructables.com/id/Watermelon-Chervil-Saltwater-Taffy-/ - Anyway, Thanks for the recipe I based my Instructable on ! </p>
in step 10 what did you pour it on? <br>
Hello, I've made a recipe off pulled taffy but i got some trouble with the pulling part. i'Ve pulled, pulled and pulled and finally pulled enough to rip my skin ( not to bleeding but it still hurt ) but the damn candy never got chewy. If I reduce the cooking température will this candy get chewier?
Pulled toffee is pulled using a hook attached to the wall. The toffee is looped over and pulled, twisted, re-hooked and repeat. I suppose that the smaller scale of home-made changes things but there might be an idea here somewhere. Good Luck.
I think the key here is to catch it before it goes even one degree over 270 degrees. After that it turns into hard candy. That is where my mistake was made and it sounds like maybe yours too.
Thank You<br />
I learnt that pulling the taffy when it's getting hard although still hottish, can rip your skin off after repeditive pulling hahaha... ouch =(<br/>
I'd recommend wearing either silicone/latex gloves or oil your hands so the candy wont stick to your skin.
so i did this and it failed on me. i want to cry. ur hands hurt like crazy. it wasn't the heat from the taffy it was the pulling which is wat also failed. i pulled and individual strans would come out and it never stayed together as a whole. i would like to know the end affect of pullin taffy is tat u dont have hard candy right? and how much of the pacth do i pull at a time. like i cant pull the whole pot. like 1/8 of it at a time or 1/4? god my hands hurt eh. thanks i would love to do this again.
hey for a better banana flavor i just put in Mountain Dew it was crazy it tasted like banana!
thats awesome! great Instructable 5/51 I love all your i'bles so far but I'm still waiting for you to do one on mountian dew jelly :P i just can't get over how amazing it sounds lol
I hope by 5/51 you meant 5/5!
o wow lol yes yes i most certainly do i just type kind of fast and expect the firefox spell checker to pick up all my errors for me...guess it kind of doesn't work in practice does it?
The juice-pop was a great idea, in practice failed, but it was a great idea anyway!
.....step 2 and 3 both say to add corn syrup......just wanted to point that out in case you missed it.....
Thanks! Fixed.
Very nicely done. Looks delicious, and great pictures. 5/5 stars.
:D im going to do this when my friend comes over today
That looks awesome.<br/><em>Gorgeous</em> pictures, too!<br/>
You didn't fail, you just got unexpected results that turned out to be an improvement on your original plans, 2 types of candy for the labor of one.

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