Step 6: Batter and Cook Vegetables

Dip Vegetables into batter, then carefully place in heated oil. Be sure that the oil is at about the right temperature (See step three). Note: Be careful, sometimes the sizzling oil will jump from the pot and burn your skin.

Cook multiple vegetables at the same time, but be sure not to overcrowd the pot. 

When a light golden ring appears at the base of the vegetable, flip it using your tongs to cook the other side. 

Finished vegetables are a golden brown color over the entire surface. Remove from oil and place on a plate (preferably with a paper towel) to drain.
<p>These are the perfect clothes to dress healthy vegetables. Just ensure to precook them well until all equally tender before transforming them into tempura. </p><p>I imagine McDonnald's doing this with all sorts of veggies. Not just with sausages and onion rings. All that kids are asking for is easy to chew food. (Although they should sharpen their teeth somehow... but just one step at a time.)</p>
Mmm! Veggies never looked so good :)

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