Step 1: Materials

1)Stove 2)Strike-anywhere matches 3)Pot 4)Wax (even candle wax) 5)Cotton balls 6)Dryer lint 7)Cupcake cups 8)Container to hold wax
I'm actually 'rogue 2'. when I logged in from FB, they didn't log in to my original account. Anyway, I forgot what I was taught in Boy Scouts; lightly brush the match with clear nail polish to make it waterproof. never fails.
Alright thanks
Was looking for a long burn fire starter recipe. This is a wonderful idea! I'll be using this idea! I have only one suggestion; dip the fire starter in melted wax to make is waterproof.

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Bio: I am an outdoorsmen. I hunt, fish, and hike. I love the forest and camping. I like the survival kind of stuff.
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