Picture of Best Long Lasting Fire Starters
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1)Stove 2)Strike-anywhere matches 3)Pot 4)Wax (even candle wax) 5)Cotton balls 6)Dryer lint 7)Cupcake cups 8)Container to hold wax

Step 2: Melting The Wax

Picture of Melting The Wax
Turn on your stove and put your pot on it. Make sure the pot has some water in it. Take your metal container and put your wax in it. Then put the container in the pot. And wait for it to melt

Step 3: Making The Cups

Picture of Making The Cups
While your wax is melting, take your paper cups and put a cotton ball on one side, and some dryer lint on the other so it is about half an half

Step 4: Pouring The Wax

Picture of Pouring The Wax
Now once your paper cups are made, an the wax it melted, pour your wax into the cups. Don't cover all if the lint and cotton, cause it needs some un-waxed cotton and lint to start. Them put aside and allow to cool

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches
Now take a match and stick it into the center of the cup. Then fold in the edges of the paper cup.

Step 6: Igniting

Picture of Igniting
To ignite it, you just strike the match and hold it upside down for a but until the paper cup,lint, and cotton all catches. This will actually produce a large flame and last 16 minutes! Also they hold up very well to wind. Have fun building these projects and be safe!
I'm actually 'rogue 2'. when I logged in from FB, they didn't log in to my original account. Anyway, I forgot what I was taught in Boy Scouts; lightly brush the match with clear nail polish to make it waterproof. never fails.
survivorman371 (author) 1 year ago
Alright thanks
rogue 21 year ago
Was looking for a long burn fire starter recipe. This is a wonderful idea! I'll be using this idea! I have only one suggestion; dip the fire starter in melted wax to make is waterproof.