The Super Omniwing is a fast, stealthy long range flying wing.

This airplane is one of my more advanced designs developed from another person (menamiketrx on Youtube)'s design.

TAA USAF Designation: F3-1V

Step 1: Materials

1 sheet of 8.5 by 11 inch paper (A4)

Step 2: Start

First, take your paper and align and fold it "hamburger"-style.

Then fold it into fourths.

Step 3: The Corners

Fold the corners in.

Then fold them into the center.

Now fold the top down.

Fold into the center again.

Step 4: Time to Cut

Fold the Super Omniwing in half.

Then cut a triangle 2.25 in. by 2.25 in from the rear of the aircraft. Do NOT throw this away.
After that, cut fins along the wing edges.

Step 5: Unfold

Unfold the shape so it spans it's entire wingspan.

Now tape the front folds down.

Step 6: Counterweight Folding

Fold the triangle into itself as pictured then down.

Step 7: Apply

Tape the triange to the bottom front of the Super Omniwing.

Step 8: Flight

Now you're ready to fly.
Lol... It is really EPIC ! NEAT 5PTS. :D
i must have done this wrong...mine goes straight down, and I've made the the omni-wing delta so i thought this wouldn't be a problem
sweet 5 star :)
i made a new desing based off this paper airplane
Great! Can you post a picture?
uh...now now but i will try to post it as soon as possible.
How do u fly it<br>and will i tape the front of the extra triangle with the plane
Well, to fly it you mustn't throw it like a dart. It will not fly correctly or perhaps at all. The Super Omniwing's &quot;flying wing&quot; configuration requires it be pitched down, and pushed forward at a moderate speed. Then release it. Although a <em>different </em>airplane, the OmniDelta's launch procedure is the <em>same </em>(see the picture below). And yes, the triangle that you've cut off the trailing edge of the plane should be folded up as pictured on Step 6 and then applied to the nose as a counterweight. Good luck!&nbsp;&nbsp;
Do you mean 2 and 1/4 inches?
&nbsp;were on earth is a&nbsp;bottom&nbsp;front
The <em>bottom front</em> would be the&nbsp;bottom of the front of the aircraft.&nbsp;I've put a box around this area to clarify.&nbsp;
origamiairenforcer- I am trying to make a paper plane that will be able to fly for a long time. a little help?
If anyone would love to see my flying wing just let me know it's a monster. i can throw my flying wing 100ft or more in the air

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