Step 4: Making Royal Icing Turtles - What You'll Need...

If you'd like to make the royal icing turtle toppers, you will need:
  • Royal Icing Recipe and Food Gel Colorings
  • Piping Tips #2 and #3
  • Piping Bag
  • Coupler
  • Parchment Paper or Acetate/Transparency Sheet
  • Shortening
  • Black Food Color Pen

Congrats on first prize. This technique for making turtle decorations is so cool. I can't wait to use it myself!
These are totally great and beautiful! And I love how your cake is made from scratch and not from a box mix! Great work!
OMG, these are so precious! They're almost too cute to eat =) Great job!
These are really, really cute! : D
AWWWWW turtle!
So cute!! Love the turtle!
very cute and delicious looking! Sadly I'll never get to eat these as I'm allergic to nuts, but you could totally make a nut-free version by putting rolos or pieces of a caramilk bar in the center, instead of turtles.
What a perfect idea @emm15! I love both rolos and caramilk!
Aw, thank you @Penolopy Bulnick!
You always have the cutest and the most adorable treats!

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