Introduction: How to Make Valentine’s Day Quilling Lavender Cards

Valentine’s Day is approaching, if you are planning to make Valentine’s Day quilling cards, I must say how lucky you are! You will learn some techniques on how to make quilling cards from today’s Pand

Step 1: Materials Needed to Make the Lavender Card:

5mm quilling paper

rolling pen

25cm 6mm white ribbons

6mm glass pearl beads




glue gun


Step 2: Prepare the Petals of the Lavender

1st, roll several pieces of purple quilling paper as round shapes with rolling pen, the amount depends on you;

2nd, make the round purple quilling paper as oval shapes with the tweezers.

Step 3: Make the Leaves of the Lavender

1st, roll several pieces of green quilling paper as round shapes with rolling pen and their sizes are different;

2nd, make the round green quilling paper as oval shapes with the tweezers.

Step 4: Make the Stem of the Lavender

1st, cut 2 pieces of green quilling paper;

2nd, paste the 2 pieces of green quilling paper on the card with glue, please see the picture below.

Step 5: Prepare the Outline of the Lavender

1st, paste one ready purple oval quilling paper on the top of the stem;

2nd, continue to paste the purple oval quilling paper along the stem according to the sequence from small to big;

3rd, paste the leaves along the stem, please see the picture below;

4th, make the bow by folding the ribbon twice. After that, add a pearl bead in the middle of the bow.

Step 6: Finish the Lavender Card

You just need to paste the ready bow in the right place and make it neater.

Step 7: Time for the Final Look of the New Year Lavender Card:

Hey guys, how do you think about the lavender card? It looks pretty stunning right? Besides, it’s also quite easy to make! So if you have fallen in love with it, why don’t you try it now? If you have any questions in the process, please feel free to ask me or leave a comment. Hope you like it and have a good day!


PicsArt (author)2016-10-26

Thanks for sharing, really nice!

md King (author)2016-01-23

Very nice! Thanks!

DasiyD (author)md King2016-01-24

Thank you! Have a nice day~

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