How To: Make Vibrant Colored Grout





Introduction: How To: Make Vibrant Colored Grout

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It's super easy, very cheap, and lots of fun to color your grout instead of using the same ol' same ol' off-the-shelf colors.

Step 1: First, Tile.

Tile up whatever you're tiling such as a backsplash, floor, wall.

Step 2: Test Colors.

There are two easy ways to do this: use Tints All or acrylic paint. Be aware that the colors may dry lighter once mixed with the grout so do a few sample test pieces.

Step 3: Mix.

My particular formula was about 2.5 lbs of unsanded grout and the full 8 ounce bottle of acrylic paint to get the most color possible. Add water slowly, mix, let it sit about ten minutes.

Step 4: Scare Yourself.

Grout as usual. Freak yourself out that you ruined your tile.

Step 5: Clean Up and Enjoy.

Once it all cleaned up, it turned out great!

Step 6: Revel.

Here's a comparison shot of the color in the bottle and the dried grout. Do a little dance that your grout is now unique and fun! Come on by my blog Flipping the Flip at for the full story, and much much more!



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    1 Questions

    How long do you wait to clean?, and clean with what?

    Since it's a backsplash, the grout doesn't get super dirty. I wipe it all down with a wet sponge to clean. I since sealed the grout.


    turned out very pretty! I love the realism in your how to, "scare your self". had me laughing. :) thanks for sharing this!

    1 reply

    Plenty of real around here! :) Glad you got a good chuckle and thanks so much!

    hi, looks beautiful! Can this be done on old already existing grout?

    3 replies

    Thank you! It's best to remove the old grout first otherwise if you go over it with new stuff, it'll be too thin and likely to flake off or peel. Sorry, I know. Unless your existing is already falling out and it's about 2/3 empty, then it'll stick.

    Could one get grout stain and modify the color? For example, I mixed two grout stains to get my own color. So could you mix white grout stain with a paint color, or pigment and then 'stain' the grout?

    I've never worked with grout stain before but I imagine you could mix grout stains together. Whether you could add additional coloring to a grout stain with paint or pigment, I'm not sure. You might have to read the label to find out what grout stain consists of in order to determine if anything could be mixed in with it. If anything, a straight pigment such as Tints All might be possible, but again, I can't say for sure.

    Beautiful. You have given me wonderful ideas! Thanks

    1 reply

    I am really glad that my wife is not on here because she would have me redo our entire kitchen to match yours! VERY AMAZING results! you should be very proud of it!

    1 reply

    You clearly have a fantastic wife. ;) Thank you so very much for the most incredible compliments! I'm totally blushing!

    GORGEOUS!! And so EASY!! I can't believe EVERYBODY doesn't do it! I know I will, now that someone way smarter than me has demonstrated the idea! Thank you!

    1 reply

    Omg, you are so welcome! Thank you for all the super nice incredible things you said!