Picture of How to Make Vintage Bottlecap Magnets
There are a lot of bottlecap magnet tutorials out there, but I happen to LOVE all things vintage, so I took it to another level with clippings from old (vintage) magazines. Vintage magazines have such unique colors, beautifully yellowed pages, with fun and quirky images. Vintage clippings make this ordinary gift into something unique and special! And, you can pick up a vintage '50s magazine at your local antique shop for a couple bucks. 

Materials and tools needed for this project:
  • scissors
  • vintage magazine
  • 1" paper hole punch
  • small (cheap) paintbrush
  • cardstock
  • Mod Podge
  • glue stick
  • Enviro Tex Lite High Gloss Finish
  • 3/8" round magnets (earth magnets)
  • E6000 craft glue
  • bottlecaps (flat inside)

Step 1: Making Your Paper Circles

Picture of Making Your Paper Circles
First, cut out 1" circles from your card stock and then cut out all of your graphics and/or text that you want from your old magazines. Use your glue stick to quickly and easily adhere your vintage clippings to your cardstock circles, and let them dry completely.

If you find that you've been a little sloppy in keeping things inside the circle, then just trim any unsightly overhang from around the circle edges after they've dried. Easy fix! :)
mlucero21 year ago
what kind of mod podge? they have aa ton and im really not sure which one to use for this specfic purpose.
smileee2 (author)  mlucero21 year ago

I had no notification of this comment, so I apologize for not replying. I wanted to answer anyway (even though this was months ago) for the purpose of others maybe wondering the same thing. I used a Matte finish Mod Podge in this project because I wanted a more "dull" effect since I was trying to accomplish a more vintage look.

sshepherd42 years ago
Excellent, clear instructions! Thank you for all the helpful tips as well!
smileee2 (author)  sshepherd42 years ago
You're welcome...and, thank you for the comment!