This instructable is about how to make a bowl out of a record.

This instructable calls for:
1. An LP Vinyl Record (or another size if you want a smaller bowl)
2. A Cookie Sheet
3. An Oven-Safe Bowl which is about the shape and size you want your record bowl to be
4. An Oven
5. Oven Mitts

Step 1: Step 1: Choose a Vinyl Record

Choosing the record is an important step. There are a couple guidelines I would put in place for making your choice.

1. Choose something with a pretty design on it as it will be the base of the bowl (As seen in the picture below) or another option is that you could draw or print a design on a piece of paper and paste it on after the bowl is formed. If you do not want to go for a pretty picture you could use a record that has meaning, say your favorite band from the 70s (though keep in mind that the disk will be ruined and unplayable). Also, when choosing a record please try to pick ones that have scratches across them or are otherwise unusable since you will be ruining them anyways (: You do not want to make any record collectors angry.

2. If you do not have your own records, I would suggest looking for one in a relative's attic (if they do not mind), or go to the thrift store (that is where I got mine, it cost me about a dollar)

3. It will be better to have the larger vinyl records and have the material not too thick. (The ones in the picture are the smaller disks as far as I can tell, I think the larger size is called an LP)

4. Check the record on ebay to make sure it is not valuable, who would want to ruin a record they could get good money for? (:

The record I chose was a Disneyland one with the songs form Robin Hood, (see second picture of finished product) this movie was one of my favorites from when I was a kid, plus when I found it at the thrift store it had a huge scratch on it.
<p>Spray it with a clear acrylic coat or something so the label stays nice!</p>
<p>Thought I'd share my first attempt :) Went better and easier then expected, although the vinyl had flopped a lot quicker then expected. I also didn't have to crimp or shape the bowl as it flopped perfectlay on the metal bowl I used. </p>
I'm about to start this project having just bought 50 records for R50 about 5 dollars. My tip would be to go to local junk stores and ask for warped records as they no longer play. People almost give them away the guy at the store wanted me to take a thousand records.
<p>1. You can get a cheap toaster oven and plug it in outside if you think you'll make these often. I like melting plastic pony beads in a heart-shaped pan for suncatchers. </p><p>2. You could cover the hole in the bottom of the bowl and then seal it a few times with a food-safe sealant if you want to use it for something like a chip bowl. </p>
<p>After reading the comments about the fumes, would u be able to make it in a bbq cause it is outside?</p>
<p>Super easy, and almost addicting to make. </p>
<p>FUN! </p>
Try turning on the oven hood fan and opening a window to deal with the fumes. That really does help clear the air out of the room. An exhaust fan in my kitchen window and the hood fan on in my kitchen clear the air beautifully. And quickly.
Yes the chemicals in the vinyl can hurt you IF YOU DO THIS TOO OFTEN. It wont hurt you if you only do this a few times. Don't leave the vinyl in the oven too long either because it can ruin it too if you do this too often. I wouldn't put any warm foods in it. Maybe candy with wrappers. :)
Ya, basically just don't make a ton of these all the time, and do it in a well ventilated area and you will be fine (: And I use mine as a catchall (by the door for keys and any other little things that need a place so I don't lose them) or with wrapped candy or even if you put a napkin or plastic wrap between whatever you want in the bowl and the bowl (:
Love this!!! I am looking for some &quot;last minute&quot; family gifts and these would be AWESOME!!! Thanx for the instructable.
I am glad that you thought this would be a good gift for your family! I hope it worked out for you!
I was about to make one of these, and then I read about all the toxins that are released from heating the vinyl. =(
there might be toxins...but nothing too bad...i and all my family members are fine...and we made like 3 or 4 of these...
You could use it as a fruit bowl on your dinner table!
Yes, you could (: there are all sorts of things to use it for!

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