Step 9: Now that you have a record bowl, what can you use it for?

Picture of Now that you have a record bowl, what can you use it for?
I personally would not use the bowl for food of any kind. I have heard that when you put it in the oven fumes are released and I would not want food near that, plus the fact that there is a hole in the middle makes food fall out.

I use my bowl as kind of a catch all bowl, once I move into my dorm and back to college I will be putting it near my door to put my keys and other various and sundry items into it.

You could possibly use the bowl as a flowerpot, if you either find a way to plug the bottom hole or have something on the bottom to catch the draining off water. This would only work if you did not get the record for the label because the label would probably be ruined.

You could make a whole bunch with one flat side and hang them from the wall and use them as a shelf maybe. Or without flat sides and just as decoration on the wall

You could make several and use them as organization containers on a shelf somewhere.

You could used one as a candle holder.

Have another idea? Let me know and I will try to add it here along with credit to you!
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You could use it as a fruit bowl on your dinner table!