How to Make Wall Art Out of Toilet Paper Rolls





Introduction: How to Make Wall Art Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

This is probably one of my favorite DIY Projects. It took me a little while to collect the paper rolls, but it was well worth it. Who knew paper rolls could turn into sweet wall art!! This project is very versatile, so don't be afraid to get creative with it!

Step 1: What You Will Need

What You Will Need:
Paper Rolls (I used 9 toilet rolls and 1 paper towel one)
Elmer's Glue
Pack of Laundry Pins

Step 2: Lets Begin

1. Start by flattening the paper roll

2. Then cut the paper roll into 5 equal parts

3. Do this to all of your paper rolls

Step 3: Make Shapes With the Pieces

1. Lay them out and start placing them into random positions.

You could also do something more specific like flowers or a patterned design.

Dont think about it too much!

Step 4: Glue Paper Roll Cut-Outs Together

1. Now attach the paper roll cut-outs together

2. Begin by picking up one cut-out and gluing it where it will touch the one next to it

3. To make sure the glued area stays together, place a laundry pin on the area where you glued

4. Do this for the entire design to glue it together

5. Let it Dry for at least 30 minutes!


You could also spray paint or paint them.

I liked the way mine turned out. Plain and simple.

To see more projects like this go to

Happy Crafting!!!



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it looks so nice and it will give u something to do when your bored and its just great i love it

hey, i would love to do this but i have no idea how to get it to stay on the wall.. what was your solution? thanks xx

Thanks for asking! I used push pins. Worked like a charm!

good use of waste :) also it looks pretty

Nice, but maybe use nicer paper instead of toilet paper rolls :P

See this:

Well i think the whole idea about using toilet paper rolls is recycling, and using things that would eventually become trash, to make nice things

very lovely...was looking for something 3-d and able to be well-lit by nearby lamps etc...the metallic wall art is fab but I don't have the tools to create one... but this is perfect and will be made by me this week, since I saved all my loo rolls since birth, it seems and they threaten to crash thru my floor. Nice one... you could dip the finished designs in a tray half filled with paint / ink so just the edges are bronzed or silvered or whatever... oh boy, can't wait so thank you Korrine! Strikes me, they'd also be light enough to hang above stair-well as huge organic mobiles, lit again by lamps... they won't bring the house down (by being too heavy) but will bring the house down (by being applauded. X

nice work and very nice blog you have with great ideas. i have also tried tp art work, here it is hope you like it!

I really enjoy this and I'm going to give it a whirl!