Many years ago, when I was working at a craft store, they brought in some round and rake looms.  I was in hog heaven, because I had used that type of loom in my youth, and they had disappeared while I was in Florida.  I had been looking for replacements ever since.  It was at this point that I learned that there are people out there who knew a lot more about looms than I did, so I proceeded to learn from them.  One person I learned from a whole lot was Anne Bipes at www.loomknitting.com (Yep, she is still there, if you want to learn more visit her web page). 

After learning how to do the double stitch and purl on the round loom, I decided to make some really warm mittens, and write the pattern.  One day, at the store, after I had made my first pair of warm mittens, a lady come in, tried them on, and declared them “Wisconsin worthy”.  She explained that during a Wisconsin winter, if your mittens aren’t warm enough, well it wasn’t worth thinking about.  Pretty high compliment, one I will never forget.

Here is how it works.  I will do my best describe how to do the e-wrap, the double stitch, and the purl stitch, with pictures.  So let’s get started.  This pattern is on an intermediate skill level.

Step 1:

Thick wool yarn, (wool will keep you warm even when wet)
24 peg round loom (the pegs on this loom are a little closer together so makes a tighter     weave)
Yarn needle (it can be a plastic one)
Tape measure
Loom pick
<p>I have a larger loom witch is enough to make a hat can I still make gloves though?</p>
When you do the e wrap to you leave any pegs empty?
There are no knitting loom police to tell you wether you can of can't do something. Try it and see. You may be pleasantly surprised.
thank u thank u thank u !!!! i have the same looms and i'm tired of just hats, i can wait for winter so i can start making these !!! <br>
These are really cute. Makes me want a loom.
Looms are easy to come by and easy to use. I have a box of them, of various sizes colors and kinds. Thanks for looking
Those are so cute! I never knew you could do different types of stitches on a round loom! Very enlightening!
Glad you like it! Thanks for looking.

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